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Sonauli Road, Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur, 273015, (Uttar Pradesh)

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  • This institute has been established in 1956 by Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad with inspiration of Brahmin Mahanth Digvijaynath ji Maharaj. Right from starting it was located in Civil-line locality named as Maharana Pratap Engineering Institute and 230 students were given admission in Civil Engineering. In 1962 this institution was undertaken by Government Under development plan and a new society Registered as Maharana Pratap Polytechnic, Gorakhpur under society act and institute named as Maharana Pratap Polytechnic, Gorakhpur.

  • In 1970 10 Acres land was buying for this institution and 1972, the ground floor of the main building and 2/3 of office was build and in 1972-73 the institution was shifted from its old venue Civil-line to present place.

  • Under world Bank scheme 2.5 corers Rupees was granted to this institution from which 120 beds hostel and laboratory and a two flour building and a residential quarters and over head tank were build and workshop and laboratory were also modify.

  • In 1995 Mechanical Production/ Computer Added Design and Commercial Practice Diploma was removed by one year Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and sales Management was started. In this way in present time Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Production), Mechanical Engineering (CAD) and one year Post graduate Diploma in Marketing and sales Management is running.

  • In present time Parampujya Yogi Adityanathji Maharaj (Seating M.P. Gorakhpur) is the Chairman and Mr. Yogendra Prasad Singh is working as a Principal. In 2009-10 under self Finance scheme some new courses three year Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Architecture started.
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